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What revision image level is loaded in the EZSrve and the EZBridge? What type of Insteon devices (Insteon lights) will not auto-discover? Are the Insteon devices that will not auto-discover being tested on the same 120v circuit or a different 120v circuit from those that will auto-discover? Do the numbers on the external paper stickers (other than the Insteon address itself) reflect different numbers across those that will auto-discover versus those that will not auto-discover? Can you display the link database of those devices that do not auto-discover? In other words is it a general communication problem with some of the devices or is it limited to auto-discovery?

Can you connect the SHN Utility through the EZSrve and then connnect to EZFlora or neither EZSrve nor EZBridge can connect to the EZFlora?

EDIT: Default_01 is the Scene name assigned to the default Scene used by EZSrve/EZBridge for devices it has created a link to during the Device Add process.