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I also notice a Default_01 device and I have no clue what this is. It isn’t shown in device setup yet magically appears in area mapping.

Is there a way to turn off Device name/status editing when viewing main area screen? It isn’t very standard to provide editing in a monitoring screen. This also ruins UI for my Nokia N800 device which brings up a big soft keyboard every time I select a device to turn on/off.

The refresh is extremely annoying and there is much screen real estate wasted. Couldn’t you use ajax/dhtml?
Why can’t I click on lightbulb button to turn on/off? Where are the all on/off buttons?

Device mgmt screen is ‘hangy’. Often I have to click tab twice as it hangs on refresh of certain icon images. I have no problem with internet connectivity in general…just EZSrve chokes on page requests occasionally and hangs.