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Thanks…I saw PLM APIs but wasn’t sure initially how to use them with insteon xml…but now I see they are the long/raw form of xml insteon msg.

What I did to solve problem last night was use Ethereal (WireShark) to dump xml sent over wire.

Ended up with jsp to control the 3 sprinkler zones using following:

	else if(paramName.equals("Sprinkler1On"))
sendInsteonCommand("0x01", "0x74", "0x39", "0x0F", "0x40", "0x0");
else if(paramName.equals("Sprinkler1Off"))
sendInsteonCommand("0x01", "0x74", "0x39", "0x0F", "0x41", "0x0");
else if(paramName.equals("Sprinkler2On"))
sendInsteonCommand("0x01", "0x74", "0x39", "0x0F", "0x40", "0x1");
else if(paramName.equals("Sprinkler2Off"))
sendInsteonCommand("0x01", "0x74", "0x39", "0x0F", "0x41", "0x1");
else if(paramName.equals("Sprinkler3On"))
sendInsteonCommand("0x01", "0x74", "0x39", "0x0F", "0x40", "0x2");
else if(paramName.equals("Sprinkler3Off"))
sendInsteonCommand("0x01", "0x74", "0x39", "0x0F", "0x41", "0x2");


public void sendInsteonCommand(String p1, String p2, String p3, String p4, String p5, String p6) throws Exception
String cmd =


public void writeSocket(String message) throws Exception
System.out.println("Sending message=n"+message);

Socket socket = new Socket("", 8002);
OutputStream os = socket.getOutputStream();
System.out.println("wrote msg...");
InputStream is = socket.getInputStream();
byte[] bytes = new byte[1024];
int read = 0;
while(is.available() != 0)
read = is.read(bytes);
System.out.println("read "+read+" bytes...");

Code is a hack but my web page now lets me control lighting and sprinklers…kewl.

Works reliably every time too…never yet had a problem with Insteon.