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Thanks for your response. Your assumption is very logical and if the device type is listed it should be capable of being added without creating a problem. The Access Point device definition causing the pulldown problem is a bug and I have forwarded your devices3.xml file on to SimpleHomeNet support for their evaluation. Removing the Access Point device definitions is a temporary work around until the bug can be resolved. Since Access Points have no function to manage there should be no operational impact to not having the device definitions. Some products, such as PowerHome2, do not list a 2443 device type. This information is more for other folks who follow the forum so they can avoid the issue.

The ControLinc is a different matter. I can see were one might want to trigger a Macro action from a ControLinc button. This would make the ControLinc a “Controller”. A Timer is not applicable to a ControLinc as the device has no “Responder” function. A SwitchLinc is both a “Controller” and a “Responder” so a Macro and a Timer could be applicable to that device type. Can you provide the specifics of what you tried relating to your ControLinc and I will see if I can recreate. There are posts on the Smarthome forum regarding HouseLinc2 not recognizing ControLincs. Don’t know if that is an issue with HL2 or the device itself. I’m away until Thursday evening EST, will look into the ControLinc when I get back.

Thanks again for taking the time to provide information. It helps the entire EZSrve community.