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Thanks grif091 – I am beginning to think that I might have been experiencing a compounding of problems. First of all, the factory has just replaced my EZX10RF. With the new unit, I was able to quickly program it to receive a signal from one of my EagleEye motion sensors to turn on one of my ICON wall switches. It worked fine last night, they this morning it did not work – the EagleEye would not turn on the switch and the EZX10RF was blinking randomly, which to me seems to indicate that it was receiving signals from something. Then, later this morning, it is working again. So now I am going to start removing switches in the reverse order that I installed them to see if I can eliminate the problem. But I have a few questions for you: you said “perhaps one of the X10 devices is flooding the EZX10RF with signals.” Could this be an ICON switch? I also have an ICON 2856S3 ON/OFF adapter that is plugged into a GFI outlet. Could the GFI be a problem? Also, you asked “What X10 devices, how many, are you using X10 RF or powerline signals to control Insteon devices, etc.? Here is my configuration: 3 EagleEye X10 motion sensors (while trouble shooting I am only using one); to 1 EZX10RF, plugged in; to 4 ICON wall switches, wired in and 1 ICON on/off adapter, plugged in, which turns on a lamp. Any suggestions? (I have started taking one unit at a time offline – unplugged or unwired.)