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I am a little concerned about the symptoms you describe. Pulling the plug on the EZX10RF for a few minutes is more than enough time for the power supply to drain off. Should make no difference whether you plug it back in then or 24 hours later. I’m thinking that something else may be involved. A noisy powerline, or perhaps one of the X10 devices is flooding the EZX10RF with signals. Have there been any changes associated with the powerline, a new appliance, existing appliances being used in a different manor. Do you have a way of monitoring the X10/Insteon traffic on the powerline? If so that might show unusual activity from one of the X10 RF or wired devices. If monitoring the powerline is not an option, then try turning off each of the X10 devices for a period of time and see if that has any affect on the end result. Also can you detail what your configuration looks like. What X10 devices, how many, are you using X10 RF or powerline signals to control Insteon devices, etc.