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Have you made any changes to where the device (EZSrve or EZBridge) is plugged into the power line. New surge protector, new UPS, anything like that. Are all the devices defined unable to be controlled from EZSrve/EZBridge or a subset of the devices defined. Check through Device Management the Insteon addresses displayed for a sample of devices that you cannot communicate with to be sure nothing happened to the devices3.xml file that corrupted the device addresses. Not likely since you cannot add a new device but worth checking. Were any unusual/unexpected messages observed during the upload of either the 1.60 image or the restore of the 1.59 image. What facility did you use to load the new images. If you have not already tried this, unplug the EZSrve or the EZBridge PLM, waiting for 30 seconds before restoring power. It sounds like you have lost communication with the powerline. I’ve updated both my EZSrve and EZBridge and at least one user posted back that 1.60 resolved the problem he was having on 1.59 so I don’t think there is a systemic problem with 1.60 itself. Also since 1.59 is no longer working for you now.