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I added an ICON switch last night and that worked with the Yes response, as it always has. I maintained my 1.59 configuration when moving to 1.60 so I can’t speak from direct experience about adding many device types 1.60. The only SHN device I tried was the EZIO2X4 you mentioned in your post but I would assume that none of the SHN devices can be added with the Yes option. To delete a device and then add it back I have to remove it from all my Areas, Timers, Macros, and Scenes which is a pain. If you have a question about a specific device I’ll try it here (assuming I have one). From memory I don’t think I’ve been able to add any of my SHN devices using the Yes option to earlier images. That would include the EZIO2X4, EZIO8SA, EZIO6I, EZX10RF, EZSnsRF. There were no new functions added at 1.60 per the release notes. The number of link records supported was expanded to 256, the interface to the PLM (internal and external) was improved to eliminate the PLM error messages that have been seen on earlier images. There was also a fix for adding EZSrve as a controller to a Scene. The support for configuring more of the SHN devices is projected to be available in V2.

Bottom line, I would add devices using the Yes option (except for SHN devices). Only if the loop is encountered switch to the No option. For SHN devices, add with the No option and do a SYNCH EZSERVE to retrieve any active link records from the device if active links exist and do not appear in the link window. Certainly not as convenient as getting an error message and switching to No option but this should be encountered only once when adding the device. I think the improvements to the PLM interface alone warrant staying on 1.60. Also remember that when adding a device the link database content is retrieved to insure the EZSrve link information is in synch with the existing device links. This process can take a while so don’t confuse the time it takes to retrieve all the active links in a device with the loop.