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Reset was truely a reset. Wanted to start with a blank slate and not bring along any legacy issues.

I did not save xml files, nor did I try to reload them.

The V20 is what is displayed by the EZIOx tab.
Since I did a complete reset, this was the inititial attempt to add the EZIO2x4 to the EZServer.
I have not gotten to scenes yet.

Reading additional edit, begs the question, How do I determine what devices I should anwer no to at the “Add insteon link” question? How do I know what devices can not be queried, and what deivices should be able to be queried?

I ask because I quickly attempted to add back my EZSnsrf Dakota driveway device with the same results documented above for the EZIOxx.

It was my understanding that this firmware release was designed to improve how the EZServe worked with these devices.

Just read new functionality comes with 2.0 firmware. I expected this firmware to be that upgrade. (Hence the reset, not restart)
Sorry for the confusion on this point.
Will go back to sleep and await V2.0 firmware before I attempt to use all my devices again.
EZIO2X4, Two dakota driveway monitors, EZX10Rf, Togglelinks, etc…

Jeff ūüôā