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Can you clarify some of the details. You indicated an upload of 1.60 and “reset” of EZSrve. Did you actually “reset” EZSrve (which clears all the XML files and link database) or just “restart” EZSrve. If you did “reset” EZSrve did you save all the XML files from the earlier image and reload them onto EZSrve after going to 1.60. If the XML files were saved and reloaded, what image level were you on when you saved the XML files. The 2.0 level you indicated represents the EZIO2X4 firmware level, is this the Connected v20 displayed by the EZIOxx tab. The cmd1=9 value you posted is an unusual value. Could this be cmd1=19 or cmd1=29.

To the actual action you are trying to accomplish, is this adding the EZIO2X4 device to EZSrve

This is first device I’m trying to add after EZServer firmware upgrade

or are you adding the EZIO2X4 to a Scene. If adding the EZIO2X4 to a Scene, is this a new Scene, what is the Controller of the Scene, what is/are the responders of the Scene.

The Insteon Traffic tab of the SHN Utility is not a good place to monitor Insteon message flow as the Insteon Traffic tab was designed to monitor the Insteon traffic that the Utility generates and the responses received. After clarifying what you are actually performing under EZSrve, what you need to do is Connect the SHN Utility to EZSrve. Select the EZSrve/EZBridge tab, then select the Control tab. The Data Received window displays the XML commands issued by EZSrve and the responses received. Since there could be a large amount of trace data you can check Enable Logging in lower right corner of the Control tab screen. All the XML traced is recorded in the log.txt file which is located in the SHN Utility install directory.