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I’m very interested in the answer to this as well as I just recently ran into it. I had previously been sending ON/OFF commands to a single device, but now wanted to control 2 different devices and was quite (badly) surprised when I couldn’t just send the XML right away. One of the big attractions to using the EZServe was that I THOUGHT the SimpleHomeNet folks had told me I didn’t have to worry about such timing issues.

My ezserve is now running the latest 1.60 firmware and I’ve got 2 Insteon light modules which I want the ezserve to be able to switch both on/off as close to together as possible. There is no other controller which switches both of those as a scene. Can I define a scene that is triggered by XML input which will switch on/off both devices at the same time? While doing a scene might be an option in this particular case, the ability in general to send multiple Insteon signals with minimal delays is very important to me.