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Sorry, I should have been more specific. The Insteon Traffic screen would not show what I was interested in. After connecting the SHN Utility to EZSrve, click on the EZSrve/EZBridge tab, then the Control tab. That screen has a Data Received section which displays XML. It is the Data Received window, or the XML log.txt file that will contain the XML Status Request command in question. After selecting the Control tab, go to Scene Management in EZSrve and Add EZServe as a Controller to a new Scene. The XML traffic in the Data Received window has the most recent XML traffic at the top of the Data Received window. If you click on Enable Logging in the lower right corner of the Control tab screen, then Add EZServe as the Controller of a new Scene, the XML commands are written to a log.txt file located in the subdirectory where the SHN Utility is installed. In the log.txt file the latest XML commands are at the end of the file.

I am all but positive we know what the problem is. The Status Request command should not be issued to check the status of the EZSrve itself. Even more so now that multiple users are seeing the same thing. The problem is I have an EZSrve that is nearly a year old so I do not see the Status Request command fail even though I expect that it is failing on new EZSrve devices with the most current internal PLM. SHN is working on the 1.60 image and it would be very helpful if someone can confirm that the Status Request command (cmd1 value 0x19) is actually being issued by looking and/or posting the command and response that occurs when EZSERVE is Added (attempted). That way we can be sure this will be solved when 1.60 is released in the next few weeks.