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Thanks for the information. I thought the posted screen shot image was static. Just realized the scroll bar was actually functional. Sorry about that. Coming from SHN directly I would believe the internal PLM is the very latest. The question here is that the Status Request command being issued by EZSrve to test the availability of the controller device results in the command being issued to itself. The concept of EZSrve issuing commands to itself to perform the device SYNCH functions has been shown not to work. There was a functional change made to EZSrve a few images back to change the way EZSrve does a SYNCH operation because of that very situation. I was surprised to see the Status Request command actually coming back looking as though it was successful. The concern is the latest run of PLMs from Smarthome may have changed the way the Status Request command is being processed, bring it into line with the way other commands are processed. If that is so the Status Request may not be working on your EZSrve when it is used to query itself. This would make it consistent with the way the PLM handles other commands that are issued to itself. I’m hoping the xml trace will answer that question.