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You can use an EZSrve Scene (Insteon Group) to accomplish what you are looking for. Create a Scene (Group) with EZSrve as the Controller with one or more devices as Responders. Each device linked as a Responder has a unique set of LD1,LD2,LD3 values. LD1 is the Bright level of the device being turned ON, LD2 is the Ramp rate to use to reach that Bright level, LD3 is the device output Unit number. The output Unit number is 00 for most Responders (LampLinc, ApplianceLinc, SwitchLinc, etc). For a KeypadLinc LD3 is the button number (1-8) to be controlled. For SimpleHomeNet devices that have multiple outputs, it is the output unit number to be controlled. For example, an EZIO2X4 has two output units (relays) where LD3=00 specifies relay 1 and LD3=01 specifies relay 2. The Timer specifies the name of the Scene rather than the name of an individual device.

EDIT: the LD1,LD2,LD3 fields are two digit hex numbers. Refer to the EZSrve User Guide for details on entering absolute hex values into these fields rather than selecting one of the predefined Bright level / Ramp rate values. The ability to enter absolute hex values allows any Bright level or Ramp rate the Responder device supports.