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I don’t represent SHN but I can assure you there is a V2. The release notes say Feb 2009 for the V2 firmware, which has not been achieved but it is close. I’ve had the opportunity to test various components of the V2 image, with each iteration being more stable than the last. I think SHN believes quality of product is more important the meeting a target date. It is frustrating, I know firsthand. A few more days/weeks could be the difference in an initial release that is stable. It will not be bug free, no initial release ever is. At some point internal testing reaches the point of diminishing returns where exposure to some or all of the user community is necessary. Many of the V2 enhancements are essentially rewrites of the V1 function. The V2 API provides some insight into the expanded capability. The extra time will be worth the wait. At least I think so.

Some of the new server function can be discerned from the V2 API document. Although the V2 API has evolved to add/expand function and improve capability from the initial V2 API specification, the V2 API document online does provide a direction of V2.