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This post was repeated and concluded on a different forum. From the other forum ….

I checked my Scientific Atlanta HD PVR manual, and there is no mention whatsoever regarding the IR protocol it used.

But I finally found something that works: my Oppo DVD player. Apparently, its IR protocole is NEC. So I’m relieved to see that my EZUIRT is not defective, but really disappointed I can’t use it with the devices I intended to. Basically, I bought it for nothing and it’s now too late to return it.

The Scientific Atlantic appears to use IRDA protocol from Internet hits I have found but this has not been confirmed from an official SA site or document.

I think the lesson here is to know the IR protocol of the devices that will be used with the EZUIRT before ordering. The supported IR protocols are X10, NEC, Sony and RC5. The Smarthome IRLinc lists NEC as the supported IR protocol.