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The SimpleHomeNet Utility Suite (free download that runs on a PC) available from the Downloads section of the SHN web site displays the firmware level when you connect to the EZX10RF device. At the initial Utility screen connect to EZSrve by entering the IP address of EZSrve in the IP Address: field and click on Connect. When the bottom line of the initial screen indicates connected to EZBridge, click on the EZX10RF tab at the top of the screen. On the EZX10RF screen enter the Insteon address of the EZX10RF device in the EZX10RF Insteon ID: field in the form xx.xx.xx The Utility will automatically connect to the EZX10RF device and display the firmware level below the EZX10RF Insteon ID: field. The firmware level of other device types is obtained using their respective device tabs. I don’t know the latest firmware level.