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Let me preface this with the fact that I am a customer of SimpleHomeNet, a fan of SimpleHomeNet products for years, and I have no access to absolute schedules/projections etc. for EZSrve V2. I am testing various components of what will be EZSrve V2 at what I would consider an Alpha level. Some of the components have tested perfectly, no faults. Some have bugs to work through. Some of V2 was incorporated into EZSrve 1.60, specifically the dynamic memory model that provides the 256 link record support was ported from V2 to V1, so there are parts of V2 which are much more advanced than others. Paul has solicited users to participate in the Beta test when it becomes available.

Again, from an outsider looking in with no privileged information, you may see a Beta in time measured in weeks. Two weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, would only be a guess. Depends on how quickly all the components come together in a stable package. No sense releasing a Beta until the majority of components are put together and there is a reasonable chance of things working. The Beta will not be bug free. The point of having a Beta is to expose it to the real world to work out the kinks. How long it will take to move V2 from Beta to the released image depends on how long it takes to get the Beta stable. No one can know that date today with any certainty.

As frustrating as it is wanting V2 and not having it, it would be far worse to release something that was not stable and died from a bad reputation before it got started. From the bits and pieces I have seen during testing this should be a fun product. There is an EZSrve V2.0 Design Document in the downloads section which shows the V2 API. You can get a good sense of the direction of V2 from this document.

Edit: corrected name from Tony to Paul, sorry Paul, wrong forum.