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I share your frustration, but am a little more optimistic… SimpleHomeNet posted the XML reference for their 2.0 API on their website (and in the announcements section of this forum) earlier this week. What I find most interesting in that document is that actions (I’m assuming this is the new term for macros) now allow logical combinations of multiple conditions, as well as multiple effects. I believe this will allow for more sophisticated control. I don’t believe that the SmartLinc has any macro capability; I’ve used macros heavily in my setup with X10 wireless remotes and motion sensors to trigger Insteon actions.

I looked at the SmartLinc and the isy99 series when deciding what to purchase. The lack of macro capability excluded the SmartLinc for me. I seriously considerd the isy99 but opted to try the EzSrve because it was less expensive. I’ll admit that I’ve questioned that choice several times along the way but after talking to their tech support people, learning more about the device and working through some of its limitations I’m willing to wait and see…

Good luck!

S. Sweet