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kurbo, see if you can ping EZSrve at, that is the default IP address. There is a procedure for using a TFTP server to load EZSrve but I don’t remember the actual procedure. I had to download the free SolarWinds TFTP server and then set the PC address to something specific EZSrve was looking for. If you can ping I think that means your Reset put EZSrve into a mode which may require the TFTP server to do the image upload. Too far back to remember the specifics. I’d call to SHN Support if you cannot login to do an image upload.

Joe B, there are some know issues with the PLM regarding executing multiple Timers at the same time and/or triggering multiple macros from the same event which then issue commands at the same time. If you have multiple Timers triggering at the same time, shift one to a later time. If multiple macros are triggered from the same event, use the After Delay feature and shift one of the macro commands to a slightly later time. At least a few seconds. This seems to be more prevalent with X10 but I believe can happen with Insteon as well.