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Sorry if my responses have added to the frustration. Just to add to the question, the online user guide on the Smarthome site lists 480 watts as the maximum incandescent load for the OutletLinc. The Smarthome user forum rarely receives a comment from Smarthome. The SimpleHomeNet user forum does receive input from the company on many occasions. However, if you want a direct answer to a question on a timely basis about the EZSwitch30, call or email SimpleHomeNet Support. For answers as to why the OutletLinc is spec’ed the way it is I think you should contact Smarthome support.

There is a Topic on the Smarthome forum that discusses the topic of resistive versus incandescent versus inductive loads. The question was raised in the context of the Smarthome OutletLinc. The discussion regarding the current drawn by incandescent loads was very informative. I always took a light bulb to be a resistive load and found that Smarthome Topic discussion to prove me wrong.

The link to that Topic is …..