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One of the things that I was concerned about is whether the relay has 2 separate 15 amps “circuits”. My thought was that it may have one relay dedicated to 15 amps and another relay for the other 15 amps. If so, when using this relay on a 110 circuit, I’d only get 15 amps x 110 volts, which equals 1650 watts. which would only barely be enough if I used one EZSwitch30 for both strings of lights.

Actually, I was going to connect two EZSwitch30’s one for 1000 Watts of lights and another EZSwitch30 to 600 Watts of Lights.

The only thing that smarthome had to offer was a 1000 Watt Dimmer, but I don’t want that hooked to an outlet because if it somehow got dimmed, it could ruin something.

The biggest problems with this plan is that it will cost $230+ and I’ve got to find a place to put the EZSwitch30 near the receptacles.