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Good to hear you found the resolution. Great work. I have seen comments on the Smarthome forum that suggest talking with someone in sales with authority might result in a discount for a bulk purchase but have never seen a comment from someone who actually was successful. There are some sales going on at Smarthome now. Maybe free shipping on orders over a certain amount. These sales go on at different times during the year and with different devices. Generally don’t last too long so you have to keep an eye on the web site. I would recommend buying from the manufacturer. Just as I would recommend buying SimpleHomeNet products from SHN. Have heard of cases where someone bought a SHN product through Smarthome and it was not the most current firmware level.

I don’t disagree that EZSrve could display something different for Scene status when it turns on a Scene. Not sure about querying every device in a Scene to see if they currently match the responder link information in EZSrve. That could take a lot Insteon traffic.

Have no experience running the Utility on Vista in 64 bit mode. Still running XP. Is there a 32 bit compatibility mode under Vista? Let me know any details about the problem are experiencing when you get to it this weekend. I have the Utility source downloaded and under a VB 2008 Express project. Not the VB development package the Utility was written under but I can build and run a modified executable. This is a holiday shopping weekend so I may be slow in responding to a post but I will read it eventually.