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grif – you’re the best.

While I was waiting for your response – I went through all of the individual devices and synced them – that resolved the control issues. So now I am in business !! Thank you!

That Status N/A is a bit tedious. I would prefer ON (or ACTIVE) based on whether the devices in the scene match the scene settings (which means that they were LIKELY turned on by the scene, but match its settings regardless of how they got that way), OFF if none of the devices in the scene are on, and N/A for any other situation.

I am going to play with the utility this weekend to see if I can get it going. Do you know of any issues using the utility with Vista Ultimate x64 – that’s the OS I’m on and I wonder if it has anything to do with these problems?

Anyway – next up is playing with timers and vacation settings. I hope that the vacation function offers some sort of “randomizer” to make the house look “lived in” while we are not around – that was the whole purpose behind the purchase of the system! ūüôā If not, then’ll I’ll have to code it myself (thankfully I’m a developer).

BTW – do you know of anywhere to get the pieces cheaper than smarthome (which is the only place I can seem to locate them)? I’d like to buy in bulk – but at $45 a switch – that gets out of hand VERY quickly.

Thanks again for the help!

If I don’t hear from you – have a great weekend.