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OK grif – almost there!

Read the Wiki – watched the videos, and … started from scratch.

Here’s what I did:

1) Reset the EZServe to the factory default settings.
2) Added all the devices by address (much faster this time).
3) Created an area called IndividualDevices and added all 8 switches to the area.
4) Switched to Device View/Control and confirmed that all 8 devices are working correctly in the IndividualDevices area. (1 click for on, 1 click for off, always has status correct regardless of how the light was powered on, etc, etc).
5) Created a scene called AllLightsOn. For the scene, I added each of the 8 switches with the parameters set to 100%, .1 sec, 00.
6) Created an areas called Scenes and placed the AllLightsOn scene into that area.
7) Go to Device View/Control – select Scenes from drop down.
8) Click AllLightsOn – then click ON.

PROBLEM ONE: 7/8 lights come on (all except the Guest Room). All lights go off when I select AllLights and then select OFF.

All of my other scenes function perfectly now – I have a scene for each room that controls all the lights in that room. Click, on – they go on. Click off – they go off. But …

PROBLEM TWO: The status for the scene in the Device View/Control area does not seem to recognize when the scene is ON ( I get STATUS N/A instead). But it does recognize when the scene is OFF (Status shows as OFF).

I made sure to start numbering the EZServe unit beginning at #20 (20-24 currently) so as not to have a problem with the default of 01, etc.

I also went back and verified that the links for each device are now correct. Each switch is linked as a responder to the EZServe at the default 01, and at the unit number for whatever Scenes I placed it in. If it is a 3-way switch, it is also linked as a responder/controller of the switch it is associated with.

So – any last words of advice for me as I head into the weekend playing around with this stuff?

Why would the one switch not respond to the scene (even though it is set up identical to the other devices in the scene) – and yet it responds individually? Could there be some residual memory on the SwitchLinc device – should I sync it to the EZServe so that it only has the links defined as I have currently established them?

And what about the status indicator for the scenes? Any thoughts on that?

Thanks in advance. I’m already light years beyond where I was yesterday.