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Happy to help. You were exactly right in defining the Area and assigning the Scene to the Area. There is always a learning curve associated with Insteon hardware. There is a document on the Wiki under EZSrve that has screen captures and detail on defining a Scene with EZSrve as a Controller. The information in LD1-LD3 is important as it describes what the Responder should do when it receives a command from the Controller (EZSrve in this case). LD1 is the Bright level, how bright should the load be turned on. You should start out at 100%. LD2 is the Ramp rate. How fast should the device ramp up to reach the Bright level or down until Off. You should start out at 0.1 seconds. LD3 is the output unit number. This should be 00 for a SwitchLinc. Since this field defaults to 00 it is probably correct. The LD1-LD3 values can be different for each Responder defined. This permits one Responder to turn On at 50% Bright, another Responder to turn On at 100% Bright.

If these values are correct, what Unit number did you assign to the Controller EZSrve for the Scene? Needs to be greater than 01 as EZSrve reserves 01 for its own use.

The SimpleHomeNet Utility Suite has an option to trace the commands being sent and received by EZSrve. Invoke the SHN Utility, Connect to EZBridge/EZSrve using the IP address assigned to EZSrve. Under the EZSrve/EZBridge / Control tabs, the Data Received window displays the XML representing the commands sent from and received by EZSrve. You can post that information back and I can interpret. There is also a check box in the lower right corner of the Control tab screen, Enable Logging, which causes a file to be written with the same XML command information. The file is log.txt and resides in the SHN Utility Suite install directory. It might be easier to copy/paste that file content but copy only the entries time stamped around the time when the On or Off is directed to the Scene name.