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Sure can. The cross linking is correct for A and B to stay in sync with each other when A or B is the Controller. That is, when either switch paddle is pressed, a command is sent to the other because the switch where the paddle press occurs has a Controller of link to the other switch. Unfortunately, when any other controller (including but not limited to EZSrve) turns on A or B, A or B switch does not propagate the command on to the other because at that point A or B is a responder, not a controller.

What you need is to define a Scene/Group with EZSrve as the Controller and switch A & B as responders. You send a Group On or Off to the Scene name and both A & B will receive the necessary commands to turn On or Off. There is a rumor that in the new Insteon 2 architecture there is a new command that can be sent to A for example telling A to react as though its paddle had been pressed, In this case A would turn On or Off and send a command on to B, just as though A’s paddle had been pressed. Don’t know how many switches in the field have that command support, if any, and EZSrve does not support this I2 function. Would be the same if you added switch C to the mix. If you linked switch C as a controller and A as a responder, only A would turn on when turning on C. Again, because A is a responder at that point, it would not send commands to B. A has to be a controller (paddle press at A) for it to pass commands to B and vice versa.