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Sorry you are having so much difficulty. Can you clarify a few things please. Do you have an EZSrve or EZBridge? What firmware level did you move from? What happens with the other devices when you add them by entering their device address? Not all devices can establish the initial link when you add by device address so that may not be a concern. When you click on “it” 4-5 times, what are you clicking on? the device entry in an Area definition on the Device View/Control screen, trying to turn the device On/Off, under Device Management trying to do link management? What reconfiguration are you trying to accomplish. Upgrading to a new image level would not change interdevice links that existed before the upgrade. Of course the links in the EZSrve/EZBridge may have been lost if you did a Reset but a Reset is not necessary to do an upgrade so those links may well still be in place. What controller reconfiguration are you trying to accomplish? Upgrading to a new image would not normally require any reconfiguration. It won’t mean much right now with the problems you are having but I’m running on 1.59 without all the problems you are encountering. I know you mentioned that everything was working before you upgraded but perhaps you had not been adding devices every day. It sounds like something may have happened around where the EZSrve/EZBridge is plugged in. Do you have a UPS near where the EZSrve/EZBridge is plugged in. In the last few weeks a user found it necessary to install Filterlincs on his computer and UPS along with some laptops in another room before quality communication was established. Lots of questions. Let me know the information and we will work through this situation. Thanks

EDIT: do you have the SImpleHomeNet Utility Suite installed. That is a free download from SHN. If so can you connect the Utility through the EZSrve/EZBridge and display the link records in the SwitchLinc? That activity would give some information about general ability to communication with devices on the powerline outside the function of EZSrve/EZBridge.