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no replies, so i’ll try to explain again, what the heck.

i am thinking it would be a good idea for the EZSrve to display on it’s default page the “status” of X10 devices based on what it sees by monitoring the power line for signals. so, for example, if one of my motion detectors sends an A05 ON, then the EZSrve keeps track of this and considers the A05 device(s) ON until it sees or sends an A05 OFF. at the moment, the EZSrve just considers each X10 device’s status to be whatever the EZSrve itself sent last.

Except you have no way to know if the X10 device “saw” the on message, since it doesn’t report it’s status. In either case you don’t really know if the status is correct.

fair enough, but my devices are pretty reliable, and i’d much rather the EZSrve report what the status ought to be based on signals it sees (which it would seem to me to be pretty easy to implement) rather than assuming it is the only controller in the house and reporting based on signals it alone sends.