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Just tried another experiment…. My macro that turns off the spotlights works just fine if I turn them one from the web control page for the EZServe device. I was curious and so also had the SHU running and after letting the sequence of ON, 15 second delay, OFF complete, I looked at the traffic log using SHU.

from ID:05.16.88 flags:27 cmd1:11 cmd2:FF
from ID:05.16.88 flags:27 cmd1:13 cmd2:0

is what I saw. CMD1 of 11 is indeed ON and I assume that CMD2 of FF is 100% on. Flag of 27??? don’t know
The OFF is the CMD1 of 13.

Are these commands coming from the OFF KPL device? Or, are they coming from the EZServe device which acts like it is OFF KPL???

Trying to understand this.