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We’re getting closer, but still did not work. Here is what I tried…

I have a ICON 6 button Wall mounted Keypad linc. The load control ON button is one big button at the top and I’m assuming that it is button #01 in the scheme of things. With experimentation, the first smaller button is #03.

I’ve installed Filters between ALL of my computer gear and power from the wall. Things do appear to be working much better now and I’m not getting any failures.

I created a SCENE called OFF KPL 1, The controller is OFF KPL with a unit number of 01. The Responder is EZServe. It would not add until I specified LD1 and LD2 values which I set at 100% and .1 second. The SCENE now shows up properly under the scene management page.

I then created a Macro specifying OFF KPL as the device and 1101 as the Upon value. It is controls the same load as is controlled by Button 01 which is some spotlights above my fireplace. When I press the ON button on the keypad, the light comes on at about 50% intensity (I see this using the manual procedure for setting the default ON light level. The macro never does trigger and I never see any event logging when using the SHU program.

So… we are not there yet.

Another suggestion???