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Hmmm, would be a little more useful if you would tell us the precise page number within the documentation for things like this…….. I did find it starting on page 9 and running into page 10. Its not quite in your face clear how to enter in the 4 digit hex command sequence……. From the manual; “To
enter a custom command, first select the first entry in the menu (“Enter Command”), then press the delete key in your keyboard. At this point, the four digits can be entered.” This does work.

I’m expecting some filter lincs tomorrow. Hopefully, that will clean up my network enough to safely add macros and scenes without the craziness that I’ve been seeing. My MacPro which is plugged into an APC SmartUPS seems to be one of the problems. When I unplug the cord to the UPS, things do seem to work better. In another room, I have a nest of laptops that I’ll also isolate.

Thanks for the help. You’ve been quick in responding to my questions and I appreciate it.