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OK… If I’m understanding this correctly, I need to add a Controller Link to the Keypad with a group number corresponding to the keypad number. Also, this link has to point to the EZServe Insteon address.

Don’t I need a Link also stored into the EZServe device as a Responder with the same link number as the keypad key but with an Insteon address of the Keypad device?

i.e. I need to add 2 links, one for each device. Hmmm… not sure this is easily done tho.

There is not simple Add Link to device from within the EZServe Web Control pages. The SimpleHomeUtility does have an Add link capability but you cannot even look at the links stored in the EZServe itself. I tried to list links for the EZServe device and it did not work using the Utility. I COULD look at the links using the EZServe Web Pages but cannot Add one.

When I tried to add the macro, it really does not indicate how you might specify the group number which would match with the keypad number. Thus, adding a macro linked to the keypad does not seem possible. Suggestion???

Also tried… Added OFF KPL KEY 1 by “adding device” and then pressing and holding KEY 1 until it blinked. I assume that this creates a link within EZServe pointing to the keypad device key number 1. I then tried to ADD macro for this OFF KPL KEY 1 but don’t know if the command is ON, OFF, or whatever??? In any case, after adding the macro, it did not work.