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That makes perfect sense. Works too as I just tried this. However, seems to generate a couple of other questions.

I defined a macro that turns off a light with a 15 second delay after it was turned on. To test this, I turned the light on from the EZServe device control page and then after 15 seconds, the light dutifully went off. All good. But on the screen, the light still shows as ON??? This is a bug as far as I’m concerned since EZServe is turning the light off, it should change the status of the light on the device control page.

I went over to a keypad and turned the light on from the keypad. The light never went off. I was hoping that EZServe would see that the device had been turned on and would have executed the macro. It did not.

Thus, I assume that a Macro can only be triggered by an action taken by either a TIMER event or the device control page of EZServe. Even something like a motion sensor would not properly trigger a macro execution. Makes it pretty limited frankly.

One of the disappointments with this product is that it does not see keypad initiated control traffic and does not properly monitor device status. From other discussions, I get the picture that Insteon does not support this sort of capability. Seems strange to me tho.