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Okay, I haven’t had all my questions answered (like which firmware revision initiated the need for a hardware fix), but I did get my device upgraded.

In short: I have a 1st generation (or so) EZBridge unit, which I got in early/mid 2007. In late summer 2007, it was sent back for some kind of hardware upgrade to make it into an EZServe (though still a separate unit from the PLM, unlike the current EZServe product).

Apparently, there was still some need for hardware tweaking (not sure how) even though I’d had the EZServe upgrade. Also, they upgraded the PLM somehow (actually sending that out to Smartlabs). So though it was a pain (this makes the 3rd time I’ve had to RMA this damned thing! ūüôā ), at least now I know I’m at the absolutely current revision for everything.

It’s no longer a free process (unlike when we beta users got upgraded to EZServe), which I’m not sure how I feel about that but I suppose I can’t really fault them since I got a PLM upgrade out of the deal (which I’d expect to be Smartlabs’ problem, not SimpleHomeNet’s).

And thanks to Al and everyone for getting it fixed QUICKLY and sent back to me fast. I really do appreciate that.

Now I just have to figure out everything I’ve missed over the past year. I’ll save that for other threads…