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I have found a user with an EZBridge purchased in Jan 2008 who has updated to the 1.59 EZSrve image and is running fine. I cannot find anything in the forums that identifies which EZSrve image required an EZBridge shipped before 12/1/2007 to be updated. It might actually be the first “EZSrve” image but I can’t find anything in writing to support that. It was not any of the recent EZSrve images.

Thanks a bunch for checking! I did some rough looking (mostly at subject lines and inside a few threads) but hadn’t found anything either. Perhaps the 1.59 image is the first that won’t work with older hardware. But even if I knew that the previous firmware would work (or any given particular version), I’m not sure there’s a way to get those older versions.

That Java discovery and upgrade tool might have access to older versions, so maybe I should take that apart and see if there are other URLs for past firmwares. But I’d still need to know which version won’t brick my box (as I’ve bricked it once before and don’t want to do that again!) That might also let us find older release notes (the one link we’ve got seems to only be notes for the current release, not a cumulative history of all release notes).

I’ve sent a note directly to Simple Home Net, but haven’t heard back yet. I’ll post here with whatever I learn.