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I think I understand now based on those last questions. Thanks. There is no repository of old images and matching documentation (user guide and release notes) that would be in sync with each of the older images. You upgrade to whatever is the latest image. The only question is whether your EZBridge was shipped prior to 12/1/2007 and requires an upgrade before moving to the latest image. I don’t remember which functional upgrade (which EZSrve image level) introduced the need to upgrade EZBridge but it is quite some time back. I’ll search through the old EZSrve forum entries to see if I can find that answer but it might have been noted on the downloads section only. I did find a Jan 29, 2008 post which documented the 1.00 EZsrve image release and that it was installable on EZBridge but there was no mention of EZBridge ship date so I don’t know if that applied that far back. The EZBridge forum topic was shifted to EZSrve at that time.