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What he said.

I’ve got one of the early EZBridge units (the separate unit with the PLM, connected via an RJ-45 serial cable). It’s been hidden away for most of the last year while we had our basement finished, and now that the holidays are upon us (and my CM11A seems to have finally given up the ghost) I’ve dug it up and want to get it up to speed.

However, I’m really not sure what I can upgrade to.

I’ve seen a few people ask whether you can skip versions, or how to find old versions, but never saw any useful responses. So, please — what do I do? My current version is 0.32 (from early January 2008) and I’d love to get upgraded to something current, but am afraid to brick my box.

I *did* get it sent back to SHN at one point late last year for some kind of hardware magic that was necessary for one of the earlier firmware upgrades. Is that what’s meant by the pre-12/07 units?