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Understanding SYNCH does help a lot.

I did download and got installed the Simple Home Utility program. It is not clear which download you need but after a call to Al, it was the .MSI version that I needed to run in MS Windows. Being able to look at the real records in the devices and being able to play with the links in a more direct manner has clarified a lot of things for me. I now understand more fully GROUPS and LINKS too. Unfortunately, GROUPS is never referenced when you are working with the EZServe via its web interface. It is thus really difficult to understand what is really happening.

This may help others a bunch… GROUP Number + Insteon Address TOGETHER really define the specifics of what is controlling devices and what is controlled by devices. One item which surprised me and helps clarify things even more is to realize that GROUP NUMBER and UNIT NUMBER when referring to any of the multi-button link devices such as ICON Keypad Link, Remote Link, or anything multi-button. Thus, if you look at the links stored for a keypad device, you will find the group number maps perfectly to the keypad number. How GROUPs are defined for the EZServe itself seems a bit less understandable tho it is clear that multiple group numbers have to be assigned as you add devices.

Further, it is my opinion that the programming that is currently within EZServe is very buggy when it comes to adding and deleting SCENES. In fact, I would recommend against even trying to setup a SCENE using this software as I think it will only get you into trouble. I’ve had multiple situations where I’ve created a SCENE and then deleted it only to find the SCENE is not really gone. To explain a little bit. When you add a SCENE, the EZServe software has to appropriately add links to all the affected controllers and responders to make the SCENE really work. This is no different from doing a manual add of multiple devices to be controlled from a single controller. Where things get into trouble is that I don’t think that SCENE Delete actually works properly in that it really should completely remove all the links associated with the scene from the different devices. This process is complicated and unreliable at this time from what I can see.

I finally used the Simple Home Utility to clean up the links. I also used this utility to further examine and more closely examine stored links. This is generating other questions which I will post as new topics here. Hopefully, this will help all of us.