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OK, SYNCH does what??????

When you click on the SYNCH Button, the warning message is: “This will erase all links in the device and write the displayed list. Are you sure?
Click ‘OK’ to confirm”

This would indicate that you are synching FROM the web control page TO the device and not vice versa as indicated by the previous post. What is actually correct here?

Assumption #2 on my part: If you delete the device and then re-add it using NAME, and INSTEON Address, THEN The “Displayed List” of links will be re-loaded from the actual device.

What is happening to me:
#1: I SYNCHED to my Remote Link (successful/no errors) from my list of links after making modifications to delete unwanted links

#2: I then deleted the whole device and then re-added the device AND, I now see a huge long list of links with duplicates.

What gives???