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Please keep in mind that the RemoteLinc “goes to sleep” when not in use. Therefore the following is true:
1) if you try to add it with the EZSrve trying to discover it, you’ll get a “device did not respond” error
2) if you delete links in the EZSrve, the records will be deleted from the EZSrve but not from the RemoLinc itself.
To get around 1) and 2) above, put the RemoteLinc in linking mode when you do any of these operations.

Regarding the “strangeness” observed: Links are 2-part animals; one part in the responder and another in the controller. To remove the effect of linking, both the responder and controller links need to be deleted. Removing the link from a responder only will still allow the controller to control the responder. This is because even though the responder no longer reacts to the group broadcast message from the controller, it still responds to the direct group cleanup message that the controller sends to the any responders it finds in its databse for the corresponding group.