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As in the other post you made regarding the Remotelinc, I would suggest downloading the Simplehomenet Utility Suite. You can use it to view the links in the OutletLinc devices as well as display the links in the RemoteLinc. Duplicate links can be established if you repeatedly create links without doing the necessary cleanup of the previous link processes. You can issue a SYNCH EZSERVE request against the device after deleting a particular link to see if more of the same links exist. If a duplicate link exists, delete it and issue another SYNCH EZSERVE until all the duplicate links are gone. If an Insteon device is responding to a Group command sequence it must have a responder link record for the hardware to look at when a command flows across the powerline. It needs the responder link record to know which commands to react to and which commands to ignore. That is the way Insteon hardware works. If a device is responding to a Group command without a corresponding responder link record the device is not working correctly.