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I have made several attempts to create scenes with the web interface and have never been able to get it to work properly. Perhaps my Insteon network is flaky, but Insteon direct commands and group commands seem to work just fine. I have found it easier to just manually create the scene using the SHN utility that Lee mentioned. In the Manage Device Links tab you can indicate the device you want to create the link in. The second device is the link-to device. The data entries are pretty easy once you get the hang of it. For the controlling device these will be 00 00 00, and then just fill in a group number (each scene controlled must have a unique group number with respect to that device: 2 – 255 I think). For the responder the link data determines how it will respond to a group(scene) command from the controller. The first data entry is the brightness level for a dimmer (0-FF in hex, always FF for a relay), the second is the ramp rate (32 steps, 0 – 1F – a hex value of 19 gives about a 4 sec ramp; always 00 for a relay), and the third you can leave as 00 (indicates the keypad number for the responder if you want a button to light up, enter thy number [1-8 for 8-button: 1 and 3-6 for a 6-button: 1 is always the load control button). The easiest way to deal with the hex code is to find one of many hex-decimal converters on the web. Convert a decimal value for your brightness level to hex code (e.g., 50% is decimal 255/2=128, which converts to a hex value of 80), and enter that in the first data slot, and so forth. Just make sure your group number matches between the controller and responder links and make sure you tick off the responder/controller button at the bottom.