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There is some magic about the number 32 links. That is the number of links it takes to fill up 256 bytes of memory. At that point something new has to happen to adjust the MSB value from 0F to 0E so that the next 256 bytes of link database memory can be written to. If that adjustment does not happen the same set of space would be written into for the next 32 links or read from in the case of the Utility giving the appearance that the links were repeated when they were not. I would assume there is a problem with the SHN Utility rather than EZSrve. Particularly since the Utility cannot add a link. The Utility keeps scanning the same 32 links looking for an empty slot and never finds one. Since we need EZSrve to be right regardless of what the Utility is able to do I would like to suggest you run a trace of EZSrve while doing a SYNCH DEVICE to the second PLM. Invoke the SHN Utility, connect to EZSrve, and click on the EZSrve/EZBridge tab and then the Control tab. In the bottom right corner check Enable Logging. This will write the xml trace to a log.txt file in the SHN Utility install directory (SHN Utility Suite). If you have been using the log.txt file before, erase it before invoking the Utility so it will be as small as it can be. Then bring up EZSrve and do the SYNCH DEVICE and email (I think you have my email address) the log.txt file along with the devices3.xml file (or at least that part showing the second PLM and its associated links) so I can compare what EZSrve is writing (and where) to the second PLM versus what is in devices3.xml file. The log.txt file will be much too large to post the content on the forum.

The max links for the old PLM is something in the neighborhood of 500. The new PLM expanded that number to 2000+.

The other thing you can do is run SYNCH EZSERVE against the second PLM after doing the SYNCH DEVICE. The SYNCH EZSERVE will read the link database of the second PLM and display it. If it shows all the links then the SYNCH DEVICE worked.