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Thanks for the responses. I did check for new things plugged in or old things moved and nothing is real evident. Had all the christmas lights working pretty well through the beginning of January. Then unplugged x10 modules, deleted timers, areas, devices and put them away until next season. Seems like after that the EZServe got flaky. I have a hardwired x10 phase coupler and also a pair of insteon phase couplers so they should bridge any traffic between phases.
I’m not running a lot of x10 at the moment with just a living room lamp and a hallway nightlight automated on schedules. I had much more running with the holiday season, but as I mentioned that is all removed now. I will review Timer schedules to see if there is any conflict, but I think I’ve checked that already.
I have had the EZServe unplugged, let it sit for a while and then plugged it back in and the same results. I have not been able to successfully add a new insteon device without getting the “PLM No response error” since this thing started going flaky. I was thinking of saving all my *.xml files from the device and resetting to factory and reloading. Pretty extreme but I don’t know what else to try.