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I can display the EZSrve links using the SHN Utility when connected using a PLC. The SHN Utility cannot access the EZSrve links when the Utility is connected through EZSrve (or EZBridge). This is documented in other posts on the forum. The Utility is issuing Insteon commands from EZsrve to access link information which the EZSrve PLM would also have to respond to. This is not technically possible.

The SYNCH EZSERVE button is failing for the same reason. The values displayed are the low order bytes of memory addresses in the Insteon Peek commands which fail because the EZSrve PLM cannot respond to the same Insteon messages it is issuing. Appears that Device Management does not treat the EZSrve device entry any differently than any other device. The SYNCH DEVICES button on the Server Configuration screen should reload the EZSrve links but this may duplicate links already established in the other devices if a SYNCH EZSERVE was issued against the other devices where manual links were created. These possible duplicate links in other devices can be displayed and deleted using the SHN Utility connected through EZSrve.

The inability to use the Device Management SYNCH EZSERVE button on the EZSrve itself should be reported to support to get a position on whether this is a limitation or a defect.

EDIT: Using the SYNCH DEVICES will not work either as the manul link information will not be in the devices3.xml file.