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Just as an FYI, the breakdown of the ControlLinc message has a small error. The From: address 9.4C.DF is correct. The next three bytes are normally the To: address. In this case this is a Group Broadcast message so the first two bytes are always 0x00 0x00. The third byte of the To: address is the Group number, 2 in this case. The next byte is the flag byte. The On bit numbers are correct but normally presented in the opposite direction to match the charts in the Insteon docs (7, 6, 2, 1, 0). Bits 7&6 On, 5 Off (0xcx) indicate a Group Broadcast message. Next byte (0x11) is the Insteon command, ON in this case. The last byte of the Insteon message is the cmd2 value, 0x00 in this case.

LightOn 2,50,9,4c,df,0,0,2,c7,11,0 from: (9:4c:df) group: 0 flags: {0, 1, 2, 6, 7}