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Your idea is a good one. Long ago when I first started playing with my EZSrve I created 3 files which I have never found a way to get rid of. They don’t cause any problems so my situation may be different but it would be nice to eliminate them. A “Reset” deletes only files that EZSrve is designed around. Unless you have a backup copy somewhere, the Timer, Macro and Zone definitions are lost but the Scene data is now contained in the devices3.xml file. If you can get that file uploaded I think you will get your Scene definitions back. You will have to do a SYNCH DEVICE for EZSrve to get the link data back into EZSrve.

What message, if any, do you get when you try to upload an xml file. The exact wording is important as some of the messages are close in their wording but have different meanings.

There are some directory combinations, with dots (.), with embedded spaces which may be limited to using Firefox, that don’t work with the upload. You can try a very basic directory name; c:/temp/devices3.xml for example and see if you can upload from there. Again, if that does not work what are the exact words in any message.

EDIT: the smaller devices3.xml created during a Reset has none of your individual device definitions. No EZSnsRF device entry to alter.