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The KeypadLinc hardware uses a Group command sequence when a button is pressed ON or OFF. A link to some Insteon device for the specific KPL button is required before a Group command sequence is issued. You can link the KPL button to another Insteon device for direct control of that device and/or link to EZSrve as the responder for the specific button for the option of triggering a macro for that specific button (Group) press.

The Then Device: Does: issues a Direct command to the specified device where a 1180 is an ON command with a Bright level of 80. To get to a specific button on a KPL you need a Group command sequence. You can define a Scene with EZSrve as the Controller and the KPL as the responder. LD3 in the responder data in the responder link record in the KPL identifies the button number (1-8) affected by a Group message to that responder link. Specify the Scene name in the Then Device: field with the Does: field specifying an ON or OFF to turn the respective KPL button LED On or Off. Because it is a Scene name rather than a Device name, a Group command sequence is issued by the macro rather than the usual Direct command. This is not unique to 1.58.