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This is a great feature- thanks to the SHN guys for getting this working!

I got my macros to work again by editing the macro.xml file in notepad and doing a find/replace all for the cmd2 from FF to 00, and then downloading to EZServe.

When using the if:does for a keypad I had to link each button on the pad to the PLM separately with the button as the controller and the PLM as the responder to get it to work (otherwise EZServe does not see the Insteon traffic from that button).

The then:does group command feature does not seem to work even though the web interface gives us the option of entering a four digit code (just turns on the load/button1 to a dim level corresponding to the group number).

One other issue- if you use the if:does:on in the web interface for a dimmer or other device it will code cmd2 as FF and the macro may not work. But you can use the command entry option to enter the four digit code 1100 for on and 1300 for off and it will work fine.